My current endeavor is developing a manuscript entitled Becoming a Woman of Color: A Travel Memoir.  My dream is to get back living on a sailboat.  Follow my blog writing life at cristyroses.blogspot.com.


Academic Publications

“Embodied Maps of Multicultural ‘Integrative Solidarity: A Mestiza (Xicana, Filipina, and Euroamerican) Approach to Creative Writing,” El Mundo Zurdo 4/ Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldua Anthology. Aunt Lute Press, 2015.

“Stories of Multicultural “Integrative Solidarity”: A Mestiza (Xicana, Filipina, and Euroamerican) Approach to Creative Texts,” Association for the Study of Women and Mythology. Goddess Ink Press, 2017.


Creative Publications

“Sacred Heart of Mango,” Art Piece. Jota Anthology. Korima Press, 2017.

“Artist’s New Painting Inspired by Mango,” Popular Article. Pinay.com, 2015.

“mumbling of prayers,” Poem. Regeneración Tlacuilolli: UCLA Raza Studies Journal, 2014.

“Ah, Abuela,” Poem. Prairie Wolf Review. 2014

“I Ask My Younger Sister,” Poem. Label Me Latina/o Literary Review. 2014.

“Tita Tells Me,” Poem. Blotterature Literary Review. 2014.

“Herstory of Creation,” Poem. Ofrendas of the Flesh. Mujeres de Maiz Press, Los Angeles. 2014.

“Dearest Lola Yolanda,” Poem.  Verses Typhoon Yolanda: A Storm of Filipino Poets. Meritage Press, San Francisco. 2014.

“La Golondrina Ibon.” Poem. Baybayin. Kabuay Press. San Francisco. 2013.

“Lovers and Shadows,” Poem. Episcos. Online Zine. 2010.


Creative Writing Education and Readings

Forthcoming…. “Things You Need to Breathe Underwater” Bay Area Travel/ Weekday Wanderlust, San Francisco, 2018.

Voices of Our Nation’s Arts Foundation Member, UC Berkeley. 2014.

Spiritual Memoir Writing Student with Ana Castillo, Chimayo, NM. 2014.

Writing Student with Cherrie Moraga, UC Berkeley. 2013.

Presenting Poet and Co-organizer Typhoon Fundraiser, KAPWATIDS, LA. 2013.

Presenting Poet, “Take Back the Night,” San Francisco, CA. 2013.